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Become a Carrier

Become a Carrier with Atlas Logistics®

Companies across the United States demand logistics solutions to keep their businesses running, and nobody knows how to deliver quality service from origin to destination better than our carriers. You know transportation. You know the routes you have been driving for years. Now, let us help you find the work to keep your wheels on the road. Learn about the opportunities to become a carrier for Atlas Logistics® and how you can get started today!
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The Benefits of Becoming a Carrier for Atlas Logistics

Atlas Logistics is a full-service logistics company specializing in white glove services—attention to detail that goes above and beyond the expected. While impressing our customers is nice, we believe in demonstrating the utmost care when it comes to moving cargo from Point A to Point B. We keep the world in motion, and our carriers are the backbone of our company. 

We provide 3PL logistics and solutions that range from project management to supply chain and warehouse management. Since 1970, we have been servicing a diverse portfolio of industries, including hospitality, healthcare, restaurant, manufacturing, senior living, fine art, and consumer goods. 
Atlas Logistics prides itself in offering work designed to fit your unique needs. We get to know our truck drivers and how to best work with each person. When you choose Atlas Logistics, you are choosing:
  • Lasting Professional Relationships—At Atlas Logistics, we get to know you. We believe in working together to succeed. Choosing to work for us means joining a team of people dedicated to exceptional customer service and strong professional relationships necessary to build up a company. When you have a logistics company that understands your workflow and your capabilities, finding the right work becomes much easier. 
  • Competitive Rates—Atlas Logistics offers competitive rates for transporting loads so that you have the ability to choose which jobs work best for you. We balance our commitment to a great work experience with pay that seals the deal. 
  • Independence—You want to be able to come and go as you please, and we want to help make that possible. When you work for Atlas Logistics as a carrier, you are positioned with a steady offering of transportation jobs that give you the freedom to build your work schedule around your personal needs. 
  • Personalized Work—As we get to know our drivers, we get to know their equipment as well. Atlas Logistics understands your truck and equipment on hand to help pair you with the perfect job opportunities. We also work to match you with jobs along your preferred route, so you never have to go out of the way to find opportunities. 

Become a Carrier and Work for Us!

Ready to get started moving freight for Atlas Logistics? Fill out our quick form to get started with the process today, or give us a call at 800-446-2079.